Campbell Pottery Store


We ship FedEx ground, fully insured.

The post office is too expensive for breakable, heavier items like pottery. The pottery is usually packed using a shrink wrap machine at our studio. This method securely attaches it to a piece of cardboard so that it may be “floated” in the box away from the walls and from other items.

We do not ship pottery or other breakables in gift boxes. The recipient will have to cut the pottery free from the cardboard. Sorry about the trouble, but we have tried every way possible and this method is the best way to minimize breakage.

Sometimes people want small items shipped, such as jewelry, and this works best via US mail.

Shipping charges are based on price and cover shipping materials, staff, shipping charges, and insurance. Our business is in no way comparable to a clothing catalog that ships in plastic bags.

We ship to the lower 48 states ONLY, below are the charges:

Oversized or overweight pieces may be more, such as wall art, furniture, or show pieces.

Up to - $20$13
$20 - $40$15
$40 - $60$20
$60 - $80$25
$80 - $100$30
$100 - $200$40
$200 - $300$50
$300 - $400$60
$500 - $600$70
$600 - $700$90

Damaged items

If anything in your package arrives broken, please keep all the pieces, the shipping material, and the carton. Look on the label and see if it was shipped from Campbell Studios. If it was, call us at 814-734-8800 ASAP so we may start working on the claim. If the item was not shipped from our shipping department, we are sorry, but we are not responsible.

If you pack and ship yourself, you are taking the responsibility. We do not recommend shipping our work packed in gift boxes, unless it’s not breakable, or small, like jewelry. It should still be floated in a larger box because the shippers are intent on crushing things at random. If we bubble wrap your pottery and put it in a cardboard box, it is still NOT Packed For Shipping. If you then send it yourself, you are responsible for breakage. The only way we stand behind the shipping is if it is shrink wrapped at our studio and shipped and insured by us. Then we will submit the claim and replace your pieces as best we can.