Campbell Pottery Store

Bridal Registry

Yes, we have a bridal registry.

It is our own primitive, low tech system, but it gets the job done.

  • The bride (and groom, or mother, or everybody) comes in and we give them a clipboard to fill out and a bit of orientation and advice.
  • Then she fills out the form with: what glaze she likes, # of pieces, name of piece, and price, for her wish list. We help as needed.
  • Then we put the list in our registry book, and as her guests come in, they consult the list, and as they make purchases, we cross the items off the list to avoid duplicates.

People can even call in and ask what’s on the list and we tell them the items and prices. We can even ship to the Bridal Couple if the buyer is out of town.

Long Distance

Generally our couples are local, but once in a while, a real Campbell Pottery fan will do a long distance bridal registry. Our pottery website helps if people want to see the items, but there is no online list, or prices. They still have to e-mail or call us at 814-734-8800, and work with an actual human being. These hardy folks and all their guests put up with our low tech system with good grace and we love them for it.