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Other Artists/Products

We have a core group of artists that are usually represented, due to their popularity, great design, and good pricing. We will be well stocked if we just received an order, and low if it’s time for a new shipment. Below is just a sampling!

Pottery - Functional

  • Mark Fitzgerald
  • Bay Pottery
  • Ray Pottery

Pottery – Wall Tiles

  • Motawi
  • Arlene Knaak


  • Desert Heart
  • Michael Michaud
  • Firefly
  • Sienna Sky and Adajio
  • Patricia Locke
  • J & I Jewelry

Blown Glass

  • Glass Eye
  • Henrietta Glass
  • Bendzunas Glass

Mirrors and Wall Glass

  • Zetamari
  • Bovano Enamel Wall Art
  • Light Images


  • Jonathans Spoons
  • Heartwood Creations
  • JK Creative Wood


  • Barrick Design

Other Great Finds

  • Metal stands for pottery for shelf and wall
  • Amazing artificial florals (not kidding! You have to see these)
  • Soaps and lotion bars
  • Dip mixes and salsas
  • Wall Art
  • Baby and Child
  • Toys and games
  • Scarves and purses
  • Garden accents
  • Bird houses and feeders
  • Greeting cards

Items that change with the seasons:

  • Garden accents in spring and summer – stakes, birdhouses and feeders
  • Christmas ornaments - September through December