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Historic Barn Became Destination Showplace

Jane and Bill Campbell

Bill and Jane Campbell began their careers in the 1970’s with two degrees in art and a strong desire to make practical art to use and enjoy every day.

They began by showing and selling their work at craft fairs around the country, then selling to stores and galleries, eventually growing the studio into the largest Art Pottery in Pennsylvania. Now nationally known, Master Potter Bill Campbell has been creating award winning porcelain for over 40 years, specializing in functional work with elegant forms and rich glazes. With 500 galleries carrying the pottery, and a staff of twenty to make it, the Campbells decided in 1991 to try a store of their own. They set up their craft show booths in the old tool shed of their barn, as a test to see if people would come out to the country. They did, and the enthusiastic response started a dream that took 10 years of renovations to fully complete.

Jane stopped making jewelry after a while and took over the management of the store as it grew more popular than they ever imagined. It is now a destination, with people driving long distances to buy Campbell Pottery at the source (the Mother Ship, we call it). We are honored to have made so many friends and fans, and we delight in finding and presenting other wonderful goods from all over the country, and some world goods as well. Jane loves going to the big gift shows like Atlanta, New York, and the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia. Finding someone with a new idea is thrilling, and we can’t wait to present it to you.

Bill still goes to the studio every day and is excited about new ideas for forms and glazes, and anticipates opening the kilns and seeing each new firing. There is always the chance for surprise, as these beautiful glazes can be unpredictable. Bill and Jane still enjoy working and helping people to find art to love and live with.

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  • Looking Down on 2nds

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